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T R A D E R C A R T E L™ is a thriving community of investors with various levels of knowledge, experience and trading styles that share one commonality – We love to make money.

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At T R A D E R C A R T E L™, we pride ourselves on providing a no-nonsense approach to investing and trading. We value honesty and transparency to such a high degree that we have built our entire business model on these values. With so many years of experience behind us, the founders of T R A D E R C A R T E L™ and our community ensure that the quality of our content and guidance is our top priority. 

It is a long established fact that institutions have historically taken over the markets and the investing world. Greed is a natural part of human nature and as a result, the retail client has been consistently shafted by these institutions. Most retail clients have no idea how to start managing their own money and the thought of it can seem daunting. This is where T R A D E R C A R T E L™ comes in. We will hold your hand like a child and walk you through Wall Street. You won’t even have to worry about getting run over by cars, bulls or bears (we’re holding your hand, remember?). You will be nourished and receive the top tier knowledge and experience you need to eventually be able to go out into the investing world on your own as a profitable, self-sufficient and self-directed investor.

T R A D E R C A R T E L™ is more like a family than a community. We look out for each other. What do we mean by this? Well, just like how friends don’t recommend friends text their ex… T R A D E R C A R T E L™ doesn’t recommend it’s members buy Snap Inc. That would just be bad advice, now wouldn’t it?


Kurtis J. Martyn


With over 14 years experience trading equities and 5 years of experience in forex markets, Kurtis is an intelligent business minded professional that has developed a proven momentum strategy for stocks and excellent mean reversion strategy for forex that breeds consistent results.

Kurtis is consistently sizing up the market and establishing solid entry and exit points on a multitude of investment opportunities. To be successful in business, you must usually be the first on the scene or be better than someone who has done it before you – and Kurtis nails both of these traits. Thankfully for Kurtis, these traits are also extremely desirable for trading and investing giving him an unparalleled advantage over others. You could say Kurtis is somewhat of a visionary.

Kaelan J. Skinner


After 4 years in the investment banking industry, Kaelan left his career to embark on his lifelong dream of trading markets full time. Kaelan has over 8 years of experience trading equities and options and has been known to dabble in forex markets. Considered by most as an Options Guru, he has mastered his options strategy with over an 85% Win Ratio. 

With a keen eye, Kaelan is able to easily identify value in companies that may be flying under the radar. In order to make the best and most informed decisions, he uses a mix of Fundamental and Technical Analysis as the preferred method for his trades. Taking a page from Warren Buffet, Kaelan never invests in businesses he can’t understand or wouldn’t want to own personally. Some may say that’s boring, but Kaelan isn’t trading for volatility and excitement. He is trading to make money.


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